Sunday, October 6, 2013

My Project Life Approach

Everyone approaches Project Life differently. A lot of people do it in weekly spreads. I like my monthly approach. I don't worry about keeping the photos and journalling consecutive, so long as it's in the correct month. I also use as many spreads and inserts as I need, so not restricted to a set number. I include a calendar each month, but it can be anywhere within the month, and any size. I have a few packs of dividers which I might put in at some stage to make it clearer where the months start. Some months are one spread, others are five! It just depends how many photos I have that I want to include.

When I first saw Project Life, I thought it was a strictly weekly project as that's what everyone was sharing online. Then I looked at Becky Higgins' website and realised it's completely flexible! She's designed it to be used however you want, and she wants it to be fun and freeing, not a guilt-inducing chore. I also liked how her examples are really simple! Not the highly embellished "scrapbook" style layouts that I was seeing in galleries. Going by Becky's philosophy, I realised it was something I wanted to do.

I've used the Collect App a little too after seeing Persnickety Prints' Chari post about it on Instagram. I saw Annette Haring's and also Kristen Tweedale's Project Life pages using the Collect app and it certainly is a quick way to include small photos. I still use 4x6 pics too, and the Becky Higgins kits, as well as bits and pieces of patterned paper and whatever I find. Amanda Obanion has a great video showing her Project Life process using the Collect app, over on her blog. She'll be adding a second video soon too.

Here are some of my Collect pics for my June spread. I've combined them into 4x6 inch pics to print.


These pictures were all taken and edited on my iPhone 5, using various apps, including Bubble Frame, Rhonna Designs, Pic Frame, Snapseed and Filtermania 2.

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