Friday, January 1, 2010

January 2010 Calendar page

Happy New Year! This is my January Calendar page, featuring pictures from my visit to Versailles, France. This is at the little hamlet, the miniature village created for Marie Antoinette. It's absolutely beautiful there and probably my favourite part of the whole day. I went there with my Mum in April 2008.

Some of my family lived in Paris at the time, and my husband and I went there for a visit. My Mum also visited, after my husband went home. We had to stagger our visits because my family only had one spare room and we had to take it in turns. My husband and I spent a few nights in hotels too. It was such a lovely time seeing family, visiting art galleries and sightseeing, spending time with my Mum, and even enjoying my wedding anniversary in the city of love!

I printed two copies of my calendar through Snapfish, and was extremely happy with the quality.

2Ps-Anne Langpap-May Freebie (Leafy pattern used as overlay)
2Ps-Rhonna Farrer-Color My World Free Kit (Brown Distressed Paper, floral stamp)
2Ps-Rhonna Farrer-Free Love (Tiny stamp on tag)
2Ps-Shannon Freeman-Proud To Be Digi (Filmstrip)
2Ps-Tia Bennett-Apple Blossom Free Kit (Felt Flower)
Prima Hybrid-Vera Lim-One Season (Lime green paper, flower sticker)
Shabby Miss Jenn Designs-Grandma’s Scrapbooks (notepaper, pink and green ribbons, leaves)
Shabby Miss Jenn-Springy Weedy Freebie (tag, zig zag stitching)
Fonts: Pegsanna HMK & Century Schoolbook (Regular)

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